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Big Brother Blowout: Epic Fight Creates Huge Rift in House Before Public Enemy Number One Wins HOH

Big Brother Blowout: Epic Fight Creates Huge Rift in House Before Public Enemy Number One Wins HOH

The house was divided by a huge fight just hours before the Big Brother eviction last week. This led to a new set of battle lines for the "Wall" contest. And then, the person that the house did not want to win won!

After a slow run of weeks, Cameron’s week of chaos in Big Brother is likely to be around for some encore appearances. The house erupted into an epic battle filled with accusations & lies.

The players who had been sleeping through the game are now waking up. It can both be a positive and negative thing. It all depends on the winner of the Head of Household title. No one expected Cameron to win last week and yet he did.

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Chaos erupted.

After the epic fight, nobody wanted to see the new public enemy number 1 win. Of course, that person was the winner. These shenanigans seem scripted, or perhaps you could not have scripted them better.

The wall competition this year was shorter than in previous years, with no one exceeding the hour mark. There was plenty of drama in a series of flashbacks that looked back on what happened in the hours before Izzy's departure.


You'll switch to gaslighting if you are caught lying, right? Perhaps not against an expert debater. Cory hasn't gone back to sleep after waking up just in time last week to flip the house on Izzy.

Mama Cirie can also learn a valuable lesson from this. Never send your son to get information. Ever! Last time, he threatened Jag and revealed that he was aware of the vote flip. This put Cirie's and Matt’s games at risk.

He decided to lie this time to find out the outcome of the vote. It was also a lie that was completely unnecessary. Subterfuge is an option if a direct approach does not work.

If you're going to lie, protect yourself or keep things vague. Jared, instead, told Matt - poor, sweet Matt, who was trusting - that Jag told him Mama Felicia's votes were in. This is happening just before the vote.

Why name it? He could have told him that someone had told him, and kept things vague. He chose to create the easiest way to expose himself as a lie, or at least pit his lying skills against Jag's.

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After Matt implied that Cory had been behind the flip (which was true), he went to Cory and said the same thing as he told Matt. Cory used all his debate skills, and Jared began to use his "I'm louder and I can talk over you because louder is more right" skills.

It didn't. Cory waited for him to finish and then ripped his argument to shreds. To add insult to injury, Cory decided to call Jag to the table to confirm Jared's most recent lie. Mama Cirie was also there to witness Jared's bumbling.

When Cory asked Jag whether he had told Jared about the flip of the vote the night before, Jared changed tactics. Jared quickly denied having done so when Jag asked. He said Matt, and maybe Cory? "Matt (and maybe Cory?) must have misunderstood."

Was this Matt using Matt's disabilities as a possible ploy in order to avoid being exposed as a lie? Was it gaslighting? It looked like it. It was pathetic, and it didn't work very well. Jared has a lot of bluster but very little thought.

He didn't inherit his mother's intelligence and wit. Both of their games are now in danger, because the entire house knows just how close they were to Izzy and Felicia.

Cory even took a direct shot at Cirie for trying to minimize all the fake and real alliances, saying that she didn't want to be part of "75 alliances." Cory pointed out quickly that the foursome mentioned above was in and all, which is an easy way to play.

We were worried about Cory's dangerousness when he decided to play this game and now we can see the danger. It's a problem that Cory exposed his level of insight and argumentative abilities at a time when his safety was not assured. That was just before the Head of Household and vote.

Probably you can guess what happened.

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Walls Fall Down

Although we probably shouldn't be surprised, we were. We believe that last season was the shortest Wall Competition, but not anymore. This one came in at just under 45 minutes. That's two minutes faster than last year.

Cirie was, as expected, the first to jump off the wall. It's not surprising that she's not great at competing. It would be a surprise to the Houseguests, if she did this deliberately in order to reduce her target size so that she could surprise everyone when she needed it with a victory.

She needed a savior right now, after Cory orchestrated her ouster (with the help of America), and then destroyed Jared's game in a very aggressive way just hours earlier.

Felicia dropped after Cirie. Since they weren't seen together much since they were tethered to a kayak when things went wrong, their status is unknown. We think that Mama F's discovery that Mama C was saving Izzy instead of her, and Jared not using his Veto didn't do much to strengthen their bond.

America fell next, followed by Mecole, and Cory. This competition is usually favored by petite women, and there were only two left at this point in Blue and Bowie. The two women then beat out Matt and Jag, leaving them with Jared.

Talking about a do-or-die moment. Bowie was involved in the house flip, and he was present during the epic blowout. We don't know where Blue is in her showmance or house after last week's chaos.

Jared and Cirie would be in for a bad surprise if Bowie won, as Cirie was working with Cameron the week before and felt personally hurt by him. Blue would be the wildcard moment, with Jared in one ear but the rest of house in the opposite.

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The two fell in a matter of seconds, leaving Jared on his own against the wall. He was crowned the new HOH. He got it just when he was in need, and after one of his closest friends had been evicted. It's hard to deny the extra motivation you feel after an eviction (and a fight).

Another week of chaos will soon begin. Cameron was the obvious choice, but Cory is now a major threat to Jared's and Cirie’s games. He is also demonstrating how strategic he can be, and how much he understands about what's happening in the house.

Both are dangerous, but in different ways. Jared and Cirie, in many ways, are now separated. Cirie might have been a bit too happy when her son won, but that could be attributed to jubilation at seeing her best friend go home. The house had already seen her and Jared together. She needed it as much as he did.

It's dark for them both, but Cameron acted as HOH alone last week. In many ways he is still. Sometimes islands can connect if the bitter waters recede. A week is also a long period of time. Cameron was the clear target for the house after last week's events, but Jared now has other reasons to consider.

Cory was placed next to America in his nominations. He doesn't realize that America initiated the flip. So he has two targets to choose from. He views America as a pawn. However, if Cory is willing to come down, then she would be a good option. Cameron was also given a back door.

Cameron arrived at the scene and offered deals of honesty and safety. Why not discuss how to protect each other? They are two people that the entire house is aiming for, and they certainly are. Each of them has won two competitions. They could do a great deal as a team. Can they trust each other?

Can anyone be trusted? We don't believe it with this house. The house is a mess and we aren't even half way through the season yet!

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Houseguest Report Cards

Matthew Klotz, (27-year-old deaflympics Gold Medalist) has been abused and used this week. He still managed to escape unharmed. Jared doesn't have a reason to target him. No one targets him. That's why he still holds the top spot. They're going realize that he is "nice-ing" his way to the top and will have to get rid of him at some point. Even though he's a threat to the company, no one seems concerned. [Grade: A]

Mecole Hayes (30 years old, political consultant), is so quiet that we sometimes forget she lives in the house. We couldn't have thought of a better way to play the game, given how explosive it has been in recent weeks. It's good that no one is talking about this woman right now. [Grade: B]

Felicia CANON (63-year-old real estate agent) seems to have distanced herself from Cire and Jared since learning that they had been lobbying for her to be fired last week. This is a good sign for her position in the game. Her target is decreasing as theirs increases. Mama F is not seen as a major threat by anyone, despite her proven ability to strategize. She's probably best to stay low for now. [Grade: C]

Blue Kim is an unknown at the moment, as she has not been seen to be close with Jared. This makes her a potential free agent. She's rekindling the bond she had with Jag. Has she made any important alliances recently or had meaningful conversations? She might be able to emerge more with Jared at the helm, but regardless of her status, he is not targeting her. [Grade: C]

Cirie (53-year-old nurse) Fields is at her most vulnerable in the game. If it wasn't for this week’s HOH, she could have been on the block. Cory and his allies did not seem to be too concerned about Cameron. She might be able to save herself by letting Jared go and dealing with her later. After all, she is proving to do poorly in these competitions. [Grade: C-]

Jag Bains (25) is a threat because he has some knowledge of who Cirie had been speaking to in the beginning. However, now that everything has blown up it may not be as important. Early on he was targeted relentlessly, but now we don't think anyone is paying much attention to him, which is a good thing. Jared put him in the dock, but Jared has other targets who are aiming for him and his mother. [Grade: C-]

Bowie Jane Ball 45, barrister/DJ, is now in the room with Cameron, and maybe Cory too. Sadly, they are not the right people at this time, but nobody is concerned about her. Her fate depends on who can keep power and what new alliances form. [Grade: C-]

America Lopez is a medical receptionist (27 years old) who's on the market as a pawn. But she still has some vulnerability. Cory was more of a force in getting the filp done, but she was the brains behind it. She has been threatening the house for weeks. We don't think anyone knows that. If she can't find a better alternative (say, Cameron wins Veto to take down Cory), then it might be a good idea for her to move out of the house. [Grade: D+]

Jared Fields (25" exterminator, exterminator,) continues to ruin his own game and that of his mother by proxy. Cirie's only hope is that they would get rid of Jared, and then keep Cirie around as they wouldn't feel threatened by her. Jared is the opposite. He burns every bridge and makes enemies everywhere he goes. He's now almost as hated as Cameron. [Grade: D+]

Cory Wurtenberger (21, college student) is the main target for nominations. Jared could be the target of nominations whether he likes it or not. He'd be fine with it after that fight. The house is still in favor of getting rid of Cameron. It might be worth it to try and get rid of Cory. [Grade: D]

Cameron Hardin (34) is still the target of the house, and it's a good backdoor option. Will Jared be able to see the benefit of keeping someone the house dislikes? Can he really trust Cameron? They've both ruined so many relationships that their only hope could be an unlikely alliance. Cameron will be gone if he sees the block. Right now, it's a question of when. [Grade: D]

House Chatter

  • I think Izzy is in trouble. "Just because the way people act." Ask Skeezy and Matt what they think. "I think she's going to be in serious trouble. If she is, then we are too." Cirie (to Jared, before the eviction).
  • Jag told me last night that you were going to keep Felicia. He told me that last night you were going to keep Felicia." Jared (lying about Matt in an attempt to get the truth out)
  • "Right away, I'm not sure but I have an instinct that it's going to flip." Matt (hedging his wagers)
  • It makes no sense why Jag would tell Jared something. The only explanation is that Jag was on the blindside. --Cory (in DR)
  • "You and Cirie, I trust you. But there have been reports that the Seven Deadly Sins alliance is a fake. Another alliance is called For Real, For Real. Seven people are in it." --Matt (to Jared)
  • Who's for Real? --Jared
  • "You, Cirie, Felicia, Meme, Cory, America, Izzy." --Cory
  • "You tell me one thing, but I have seven other people who tell me something else. It's true. It's the truth. Do you know why I find it hard to believe this? I find it hard to believe, especially when everyone is telling me how Jared has misled them. You come here and tell everyone that Cory is lying and you are telling the truth, because I am talking loudly and not letting Cory say a single word. It's bulls--t, Jared. We've been exchanging notes. "You've been the heart of this game." --Cory
  • You want to bring Jag here? --Cory
  • "Just sitting on a pier and watching the boats pass by." Cameron (enjoying every moment of watching people pass by)
  • "I heard last night that you went to Jared to say both Matt and I are voting to keep Felicia." --Cory (to Jag)
  • Did I ever do it? --Jag
  • "No. "No" You did not do it. You never said that to me. You must have misunderstood. Jared (trying to gaslight for a change).
  • "I told Jared to go and see what was going on." I didn't tell you to start a fight. --Cirie (in DR)
  • "But you're benefiting -- anyone who wins HOH will feel like they are in an alliance with Cirie Jared Izzy and Felicia." "But you are benefiting -- Anyone who wins HOH feels like they're in an alliance with Cirie, Jared, Izzy, and Felicia."
  • "Final six guys?" --Bowie (cracking joke in tense room)
  • This is Jared's most important HOH. --Cirie (in DR)
  • "Yes! Yes! Let's go, baby!" Let's go, baby!"
  • "I had the fight with Jared of the century, voted him out as his closest ally and then he was crowned HOH. This is the worst possible scenario. Cory (in DR, after Jared won)
  • It's me against the whole world at this moment. This may actually work to my advantage. Cameron (in DR, hoping that the fight will divert Jared's attention away from him).
  • What did you do? --America (to Cory)
  • I didn't do anything unreasonably. "I'm going to get targeted, and I hope that you are not the pawn." --Cory
  • Cameron must go, no matter what. --Jared (to Cirie)
  • At this point, I have no more trust in the people living here." --Jared (to Cameron)
  • "Are you?" --Cameron
  • "For sure." --Jared
  • Then we can speak. --Cameron
  • Blue is the only person in my house I trust. --Jared

Big Brother airs on CBS every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm ET to 10pm ET.


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