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Brian McKnight Legally Changes His Name to 'Match' His 'Legacy' 9-Month-Old Son

Brian McKnight Legally Changes His Name to 'Match' His 'Legacy' 9-Month-Old Son

The R&B singer’s oldest son, Brian McKnight Jr. also shares the same name as his younger brother.

Brian McKnight continues his "legacy"

The R&B singer shared on Instagram that he had "legally" changed his name to "Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight Sr." in order to "exactly" match the name of his 9-month old son.

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McKnight shared a picture of the cover of McKnighttime Lullabies which features a shot of their son.

He captioned his post: "So proud to introduce to the world our sonBRIAN KAINOA MAKOA Jr. with the release my new album, lovingly created for Him," "JR. Because I am proud to announce that I legally changed my last name to match my legacy. "My legal name is now BRIAN KAINOA MAKOA McKNIGHT SR."

"MCKNIGHTtime lullabies" the songs of his father to his nameake are now available!" He added.

McKnight and Mendoza, both 54 years old, revealed to the world in January they were expecting a boy.

The couple captioned an Instagram post, "'For this baby we prayed and the Lord granted us the wishes of our heart' 1 Samuel 1:17." "God's biggest gift, our child is here!!! Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight We are so in love!!!! ."

McKnight has two sons, Brian Jr. and Niko, from his ex-wife Julia McKnight. He also has a daughter Briana from a previous relationship and a son Clyde. He is also the stepfather of Mendoza’s children, Jack and Julia.

In his Instagram bio the 17-time Grammy nominated says that he is father to "Julia and Jack, Kekoa Mateo, and Brian Kainoa Makoa."

McKnight's relationship with his four eldest children, McKnight Jr. Niko, Clyde and Briana, is well known.

McKnight received backlash on social media after he revealed that he legally changed his last name to Brian McKnight Jr., because his oldest son was named Brian McKnight Sr.

McKnight Jr. responded to the criticism in his Instagram Stories Saturday. He was responding to a user who said that he would "change my f---ing name" if he were in his position.

Page 6 reported that a user said, "I feel bad and I would change my name if I were @brianmcknightjr." "What a corny, old ass man. I'd be so disappointed to be even remotely attached.

McKnight Jr. replied with a long comment, saying, "I am not ashamed of the names my ancestors used. I won't change the name that my son has now. "We are witnessing a level of self-hatred that is so obscene it has now reached the mental illness stage."

He continued by saying, "All we can pray for is that man and my little brother, who we will welcome one day with open arms, once he knows who his true family is." Before concluding "Legacy doesn't lie in the name. It is in the character. "It will be clear very soon who is on the right side, as there's no way to avoid what's going to happen."


Title: Brian McKnight Legally Changes His Name to 'Match' His 'Legacy' 9-Month-Old Son
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/24/brian-mcknight-legally-changes-name-match-9-month-old-son/
Published Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2023 17:06:51 +0000

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