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Buster Murdaugh Denies 'Vicious Rumors' Connecting Him to Stephen Smith Death

Smith's family denies the denial as they announce plans to exhume Smith's body for a new autopsy. This is after authorities reopened Smith's case during the investigation into the murders Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

Buster Murdaugh is the survivor of Alex Murdaugh's murderer and is against any speculation that he may have been linked to another death.

Murdaugh's ex-high school classmate Stephen Smith was found murdered on the Hampton County roadside in South Carolina, about 15 miles from Moselle, the Murdaugh property. Although Smith's death was initially considered a hit-and-run, the case was reopened by the Murdaugh team in June 2021 after the investigation into the murders of Buster and his mother Margaret Murdaugh.

However, no details regarding this information were ever made public and no one in the Murdaugh clan was ever named as a suspect.

CNN was informed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division that they had "made progress" in their death investigation, which they stated "remains active. Buster made a lengthy statement Monday to TODAY, addressing any speculations he may have regarding Smith's death.

While I mourn the murders of my brother and mother, I have tried to ignore the vicious rumors that Stephen Smith died in my hands. He said that he loved them deeply and missed them greatly.

He continued, saying that he had been "targeted & harassed" prior to and after his father’s trial.

"This has been going on for far too long. He said that the baseless rumors about my involvement in Stephen's death and mine are false. "I categorically deny any involvement with his death, and I send my deepest sympathies to the Smith family," Smith concluded before asking media outlets to "immediately cease publishing these falsehoods and defamatory comments."

Smith's family plans to exhume Smith and have a new autopsy after raising funds on GoFundMe.

"Our family is very grateful to everyone who helped us fight for justice for Stephen. It was impossible to have imagined that this fundraiser would be so successful," Smith's mother Sandy wrote last week. "Thanks for not allowing Stephen’s story to get swept under the rug. We will immediately begin the exhumation and keep you informed of progress. We are grateful for your kind words, prayers, and donations. This is possible because of you. It means the world to me. This is Stephen's Year."

Eric Bland, who is representing Smith's family through his firm, spoke out on Monday, saying that "This isn't about Buster Murdaugh." This is about Stephen Smith. It's about Stephen Smith trying to find answers to the questions his mother is desperate for.

He said, "So there's not reason to discuss Buster at any time, and there's nothing to make back to Buster at any time." "We will find out, God willing or not, what Stephen Smith's true cause-of-death was."

Bland stated that the autopsy may not prove Stephen's death on Sandy Run Road in Bamberg County. It is possible that he was murdered somewhere else.

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty earlier this month of killing Buster and his son. Murdaugh's legal team stated that they were disappointed by the jury's verdict and would not comment on the matter until sentencing.


Title: Buster Murdaugh Denies 'Vicious Rumors' Connecting Him to Stephen Smith Death
Sourced From: toofab.com/2023/03/20/buster-murdaugh-denies-stephen-smith-allegations/
Published Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 16:00:23 +0000

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