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Charlize Theron Recalls 'Belittling' Behavior by Male Director, Talks Relationship with Fame

"I have never been a Kim Kardashian-level person. It's been this way for me all my life.

Charlize Theron is being real about being a woman at Hollywood.

The Oscar winner spoke out to Harper's Bazaar about how actresses often don't have control over their roles in a role-playing wardrobe. This is something Theron had to experience when she first arrived in Hollywood. She described it as "belittling".

"Having no control over your clothes is a major problem that has really annoyed me for many years. It's very belittling to have some guy make you fit almost right in front of you," Theron, 47, stated. There was no discussion about it when I first started. It was almost like you were wearing what you were wearing.

She said, "And one movie in particular, that male director who just kept bringing in me, fitting after fitting afterwards... And it just so obvious that this was to do my sexuality, and how f---able I could be made in the movie. That was the norm when I first started.

The actress, who in 2003 founded Denver & Delilah Productions, spoke out about her desire to see Hollywood change, especially when it comes down to systemic issues.

"There's a natural instinct in me to want environments that feel just like what I had 30 years ago," Theron said. Her film, "The Old Guard," in which she produced and starred, had a cast of 85 percent women. Although I don't always do it right, I'm very conscious of the bigger picture and ask myself, "Is this the best we can achieve?"

The star of Max Mad: Fury Road, Jackson (10, and August (7, respectively), spoke out about motherhood and how it has influenced her.

Harper's Bazaar: "The majority my 20s and 30s was, just because of the way that I was raised, very much... it wasn't a time when you could be loud to find space in the room." Although I don't like being this person, there was a time in my own life when it was the only way to function.

During the interview, Theron also spoke out about her relationship to fame.

If she was asked if she wanted to do more projects where she is behind the camera, she replied, "Working harder isn't going to change my fame. It's been a slow ride. I have never been a Kim Kardashian-level person. It's been this way for me all my life.

Theron stated that she does not get projects approved on her own name, but it seems she is okay with this.

She explained that back in the day it was like this: "You want some fame so you can make the s--- you really want." Now it's like I pitch shit all the time and people say, "No, thanks." I was like, "I guess that's no cash in the bank anymore." That's fine.

She said, "It's nice you make things on the merits of how great they are, rather than this idea of, like: 'Oh, this thing is our business, and we want that thing to succeed.'

You can view Theron's complete profile here.

Harper's Bazaar's October 2022 issue hits newsstands October 4.


Title: Charlize Theron Recalls 'Belittling' Behavior by Male Director, Talks Relationship with Fame
Sourced From: toofab.com/2022/09/22/charlize-theron-harpers-bazaar-feeling-belittled-relationship-with-fame/
Published Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 18:06:51 +0000

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