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Doctor Accused of 'Clout Chasing' By Posting Decapitated Baby's Autopsy to Instagram Without Permission

Doctor Accused of 'Clout Chasing' By Posting Decapitated Baby's Autopsy to Instagram Without Permission

The couple has already filed a lawsuit against the doctor and hospital who delivered the baby. They also claim that other nurses "wrapped up the child very tightly so that they could not see the actual event."

A Georgia couple filed a lawsuit against a doctor who performed an autopsy after their baby was decapitated at birth . They claim he posted photos and videos on social media of the child's death.

Jessica Ross, 20, and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr. had a dream of having a baby together. But their nightmare turned into reality when -- according to a suit -- the baby was decapitated in childbirth. The couple had previously sued Dr. Tracey Saint Julian, Southern Regional Medical Center, Riverdale, Georgia, and several nurses at the hospital for gross negligence, fraud, and intentional infliction on emotional distress.

In their lawsuit, they claimed that, "in trying to deliver this baby, [St. Julian] manipulated the skull, neck, and face of the baby so hard, that the bones were broken." The suit also claimed that the staff tried to conceal the incident, and they only learned about it from funeral home employees days later.

The two filed a lawsuit earlier this month against Dr. Jackson Gates who they claim they hired to perform an independent autopsy following the death of the child. The lawsuit claims that the two paid $2,500 to conduct an autopsy, but Gates shared a photo of the child's face and videos of its organs on Instagram with his 11,000 Instagram followers without their permission.

According to the lawsuit the posted material "showed graphic and grisly details a postmortem exam of the decapitated or severed head Baby Isaiah." According to the complaint, "the plaintiffs were informed of the posting of the videos on social media. This resulted in them experiencing feelings of anger, humiliation, and outrage."

In a joint statement, the attorneys of Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Jr. said that after suffering the most devastating loss any family can ever experience, they were shocked to learn that the doctor who was entrusted with the autopsy had made a video of the baby's graphic medical examination public. This is one of most outrageous and egregious cases of "clout-chasing" we've ever seen. Dr. Jackson Gates tried to use our clients' tragic loss to boost his social media profile, without the permission of their family.

The couple filed a lawsuit against Gates, claiming that the social media posts "damaged the dignity of Baby Isaiah" and were an invasion of privacy.

According to FOX5Atlanta the Instagram page that was cited in this lawsuit is now private. However, Gates has defended himself by posting a video on his page in which he says, "I will never divulge or disclose the identities of any living patients or any dead patients who come to my care."

In August, Ross, Taylor, and their legal team appeared at a press event. They described what happened after the two went to the hospital on July 9, when Ross's water broke.

Roderick Edward, an attorney, said that after 10 hours of labour, Ross started to push but the baby "stopped falling." He claimed that the shoulders of the baby became stuck before warning: "What followed was brutal."

The claim is that Dr. St. Julian came in, and "in trying to deliver this baby, manipulated the baby so hard, and pulled on its head and neck, so hard, that the bones of the baby's face, neck, and skull were broken." Edmond stated that Ross was taken to the operating room and given a C section. "When the womb opened, the feet, body, and head were all visible."

The head was stuck inside the vagina, and it was then delivered vaginally. He claimed that the baby was decapitated.

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The parents say that while they knew their child had died, they did not know what exactly happened for several days.

The hospital told them that they could not hold their child. Lynch said that the hospital basically told him, "We can't allow you to hold the child." My understanding is that, at one point, they did not want the children to see them. The hospital wrapped up the child very tightly, so that they couldn't see what happened. They were able see the child through the glass.

Edmond said that in an effort to misrepresent, the parents propped up the baby's face on the blanket when they tightly wrapped the baby. This made it look as if the head were attached.

He claimed that Dr. St. Julian "came to the truth" a few days later, but denied she was the one who told the couple or the law enforcement about the alleged decapitation.

Lynch claims that it was the funeral director who informed Ross Taylor and the couple on 13 July, before they reported the matter to the authorities. The Clayton County Police Department has confirmed that they have opened an investigation.

Prime Healthcare Services, which owns Southern Regional Medical Center, said in a statement to USA Today: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and everyone affected by this tragic incident."

They continued, "Our prayers remain with the team of doctors, nurses and staff who took care of this patient at Southern Regional Medical Center." Southern Regional Medical Center, while expressing its sympathies to the family of the deceased patient, denies all allegations made in the Complaint that refer to the hospital. We cannot make any additional statements because this case is still in litigation.

The company said that Dr. St. Julian was never an employee at the hospital and they have taken the appropriate measures to deal with this unfortunate situation.

According to Law&Crime the medical center, Dr. St. Julian is simply the doctor of the couple and uses the facility as a delivery. The medical center also confirmed to the outlet that "the unfortunate infant death occurred before the delivery and decapitation."

As of yet, Dr. St. Julian isn't commenting on the lawsuit.


Title: Doctor Accused of 'Clout Chasing' By Posting Decapitated Baby's Autopsy to Instagram Without Permission
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/09/14/doctor-instagram-decapitated-baby-autopsy/
Published Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 15:58:37 +0000

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