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Ellen Star Rosie McClelland Cries After Meeting Millie Bobby Brown: 'She Knows Who I Am!'

Ellen Star Rosie McClelland Cries After Meeting Millie Bobby Brown: 'She Knows Who I Am!'

The 17-year old wrote, "My entire life is literally made," after she met the Stranger Things actor. She burst out in tears.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show star Rosie McClelland shares details about her emotional meeting with actress Millie Bobby Brown.

The 17-year old social media star opened up on Tuesday about her meeting with the Stranger Things actor at an event to launch the Wildly Me fragrance, which is part of Millie’s beauty brand Florence By Mills.

Rosie posted a carousel of photos and videos, including the above photo, which shows her and Millie posing.

She posted a video of the exact moment that Millie and Rosie met. Millie told Rosie immediately that she knew who she was.

"I used to literally want to be you!" The 19-year old told Rosie, who was shocked after hugging her.

Next, Rosie was seen in tears as she met Millie. "She knows me!" She said, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

In a second video, the singer - sans tears - reflected on her special encounter. She said, "I met Millie Bobby Brown. She knows who I am." "My life literally is made."

Rosie continued to elaborate on the moment by adding a caption.

"I have looked up to you since I was a child, and you are my inspiration. You know who I am." She wrote. She wrote: "My life is now made!" "Thank you @milliebobbybrown, for being exactly what I expected you to be. Thank you also @florencebymills, for giving me this chance. Wildly Me smells incredible #life #made#thankyou."

Florence by Mills Instagram commented on her post and wrote "we you!" Thank you for joining us.

Rosie thanked her fans for their comments on Rosie and Millie’s meeting.

She wrote: "Thanks for your wonderful comments. I'm still emotional about this moment." There are many people who have asked for more information. It will be all in this week's YouTube video, so keep an eye out. We love you so much.

Rosie and her cousin Sophia Grace Brownlee became internet sensations after they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show in pink tulle gowns and performed Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” 12 years ago.

The duo has since released a bestseller, attended red-carpet events, and had a blast in the spotlight. Sophia Grace, now 20 years old, gave birth to a baby boy in March.

The pair made one last appearance on Ellen before Sophia became pregnant in May 2022. DeGeneres was winding down her talk show after 19 seasons.


Title: Ellen Star Rosie McClelland Cries After Meeting Millie Bobby Brown: 'She Knows Who I Am!'
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/09/12/ellen-star-rosie-mcclelland-cries-meeting-millie-bobby-brown/
Published Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2023 22:14:00 +0000

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