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Elliot Page Reveals He Had Relationship with Kate Mara Right After Coming Out as Gay In 2014

Elliot Page Reveals He Had Relationship with Kate Mara Right After Coming Out as Gay In 2014

Page claims that Mara was at the time dating Max Minghella, who allegedly encouraged her to explore her feelings for Elliot.

In his new book, Elliot Page reveals two relationships with actresses that he kept secret.

PEOPLE shared excerpts of "Pageboy", which will be released next week. In the book, Page talks about his relationship with Kate Mara. The actor claims that the two dated in 2014 while he filmed "X-Men Days of Future Past", shortly after Page had come out as gay. He then revealed that he was trans in 2020.

Page said, "The first person that I fell in love with after my heart had been broken was Kate Mara." Page also noted Mara's "at the time boyfriend, the lovely, talented Max Minghella." Page claims that Max encouraged his ex-girlfriend to explore her feelings for Elliot. Mara is said to have told Page: "I never imagined I could love two people, but now I know I am."

Page reported that Mara had read the book, and would be supporting Elliot in an event to celebrate its release later this month. Elliot said that the two, who played lovers in 2017's "My Days of Mercy," are still close. "The love and care we have for one another is its own special thing... separate from intimacy that I write."

"This was just after I came out as gay. It was a period of exploration, but also heartbreak." Page said that my relationship with Kate encapsulated a dynamic I found myself in repeatedly, which was falling for someone who wasn't completely available. Page said, "And that sort of safety and the highs and lows and serotonin boost and then it disappears."

Page revealed in his book that he dated a female co-star who was a secret lesbian for two years.

Page said that some of her friends did not know she was dating. She added that they pretended to be close friends when in public.

"I do believe she loves me." In our bubble, we loved each other. It was amazing. It was beautiful. Page wrote: "I admired her and the many ways she inspired me." "But the pain of feeling hidden was too great. This was an impossible relationship and one that could not be sustained. It taught me to never do it again.

Page announced in 2018 that he was married to Emma Portner. The two separated in 2021. Portner, who split with Page after his transition, was supportive of Elliot when he came out as transgender.

She said, "I ask you for patience and privacy as well but I also want to join in my fervent support every day of the trans life." "Elliot is a blessing in itself." "Shine on, sweet E. I love you so much."


Title: Elliot Page Reveals He Had Relationship with Kate Mara Right After Coming Out as Gay In 2014
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/06/02/elliot-page-kate-mara-dated/
Published Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 17:03:49 +0000

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