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Florida Deputy Killed By Deputy Roommate Who 'Jokingly' Fired Gun at Him In 'Tragic Accident,' Sheriff Says

The Sheriff described the shooting as an "extremely stupid and completely avoidable accident" that resulted in the death of one person and forever changed the lives of another young man who made a poor, reckless decision.

Two Brevard County Sheriff's Office deputies were killed in an alleged incident that was completely avoidable.

The department announced that Deputy Austin Walsh (23 years old) was "accidentally murdered in an off-duty accident" in Palm Bay. His initial statement described him as a treasured member of the department, who was with the agency since he turned 18.

On Sunday Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video statement on Facebook that provided more details about the events and revealed how another deputy was involved in Walsh's murder.

Ivey revealed that Austin was killed by Andrew Lawson's accidental shooting. "This is one the most difficult days in my career. This afternoon, I must stand here and discuss the loss of one of my deputies who I love so very much. It was caused by the reckless actions of another deputies who I also love and who was a good boy his whole life. This may actually be the hardest thing I have to do.

Ivey said that Lawson called police on Saturday to report that he had accidentally killed his roommate and needed assistance. Ivey stated that Lawson was "fully distraught" and "fully devastated", but was cooperative when they arrived. Walsh was later found dead of a single gunshot wound.

Ivey said that Austin and he had stopped playing online games with a few friends. They were now just standing around talking and chatting. Lawson was carrying a handgun that he believed he unloaded. At one point, Lawson thought the gun was loaded and pointed it in Austin's direction.

Ivey stated that the single shot was "a fatal shot." He went on to say that the incident was "an extremely dumb, totally avoidable accident."

Andrew and Austin were best friends, and Andrew is devastated by what has happened," he said. "Even with this, there is no excuse to this tragic and completely avoidable death."

Ivey confirmed that Lawson was taken into custody for a manslaughter offense and transported to Brevard County Jail.

Ivey stated that "Folks this unavoidable and completely avoidable incident not just took the life d an amazing young man and deputy but also permanently changed the life d another young man who made a poor, reckless decision." "I know both of these children personally and they were great friends. They loved our profession."

He called Lawson, "a great kid, who unfortunately made a terrible and irresponsible choice that has forever affected the lives of many," before concluding Walsh's passing would at most be "a message that helps someone not make the same mistake in the future."

He said, "If there's nothing else, I pray that there is a lesson from this tragedy."

Inside Edition reports that Lawson has not entered a plea yet and is being held without bond.


Title: Florida Deputy Killed By Deputy Roommate Who 'Jokingly' Fired Gun at Him In 'Tragic Accident,' Sheriff Says
Sourced From: toofab.com/2022/12/05/austin-walsh-police-officer-killed/
Published Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2022 18:57:39 +0000

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