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Georgia Police Rescue Naked Woman Allegedly Kept in Dog Cage as 'Sex Slave', Five Arrested

According to one suspect, the woman "stole quite a lot from me so she will be my sex slave. I'm going to pimp her until she pays it off."

According to Georgia police, a man went to his home to retrieve some belongings but was met by a shocking sight: A naked woman in a cage.

TooFab was informed by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office that they responded to a call from Augusta on Tuesday after receiving a complaint about "a possible victim of false imprisonment". Five people were taken into custody and charged with Kidnapping and False Imprisonment.

An incident report states that a man used to live in an Augusta mobile home and came to retrieve property from his "old" room. He entered the room to find a naked, severely beaten, female with light brown skin. She was currently in a dog cage. He said that the woman asked him for his help.

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He claimed Shonna Powell, one of the suspects, and contacted him. She took a lot of things from me, so she is going be my sex slave. I will pimp her out until they pay it off. Another man claimed that others were also on their way to the house to "have their own way with her."

Officers responded to the complaint by detaining three suspects at a nearby station. They then went to the mobile home and obtained a search warrant in an attempt to contact anyone inside. One of the other suspects was arrested, but he claimed that there were others inside the house. Deputies finally entered the home after they failed to come out.

They "observed the female's cage, which was empty at the moment," and "both human and animal waste to be in different rooms throughout their residence." The pair then encountered a woman lying on a mattress, initially reluctant to approach them. According to the incident report, she appeared "injured and emotionally distraught". She was later identified as being the victim in the cage.

She had multiple injuries to her face, with her left eye most severely bruised and swollen. After being treated on the spot, she was taken to an undisclosed place to preserve her privacy.

After finding the victim, authorities believed that another person was in the house. However, Powell finally left the room after several unsuccessful attempts to expel them. She claimed she had been sleeping the whole time.

Later, the five suspects were identified as Anjelika Figueroa, Shonna Powell and DeMichael Dawson. Savannah Piazzi, Dawson Weston, and Dawson Weston were also charged with Possession Of A Firearm by Convicted Felon.

TooFab is informed by police that "Due to active investigation, no additional information will be released at the moment."

Police On The Hunt For Mass. Police on the Hunt for Mass.


Title: Georgia Police Rescue Naked Woman Allegedly Kept in Dog Cage as 'Sex Slave', Five Arrested
Sourced From: toofab.com/2022/12/01/5-arrested-woman-in-cage/
Published Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2022 19:22:14 +0000

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