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Jada Pinkett Says Time Living Apart from Will Smith 'Coming to an End' (Exclusive)

Jada Pinkett Says Time Living Apart from Will Smith 'Coming to an End' (Exclusive)

Jada talks to TooFab about her "little house", where she and Will are today, and what Will thinks of the revelations in Jada's tell-all memoir about their marriage.

Jada pinkett Smith surprised everyone when she revealed that she and her husband Will Smith were actually separated for seven years. Now, she is opening up about the house she bought herself during this time.

In her book Deserving Jada reveals that she and Will had reached "irreconcilable" differences in their marriage by 2016, but they were firm in their vows to each other before getting married, that they would not divorce. She moved in with her mom for a little over a year before purchasing her own house as a gift to herself on her 50th birthday.

Pinkett Smith, when asked to clarify where she and Will stood today, and whether she was still living in her house, made it appear that everything had once again entered a state of flux.

"We share a home as a family." "I still have my own little house, where I can spend time with myself. To be honest, I don't really know how long this will last. "I think the time is slipping away," she said to TooFab. "To be honest, I'm enjoying the last moments I have in my little sanctuary but I think it will soon be over."

Her book claims that Will and Jada told their children the truth about their separation in every respect except for legally. They did not tell their children. Even though Covid made the couple live together again for a long time, they were still separated. Will Smith celebrated Pinkett Smith's birthday even after she purchased her own home. She wrote, "he was fully supportive of my independence and happy to see where my life was at that time."

She wrote, "I was fifty years old and had finally found home."

Jada said to TooFab that Will had already read the book. He told her he knew "the importance of this journey for me", and she "needed my voice" in order "to have my own voice." She continued, "He has really supported and respected that throughout the journey."

"Everyone is so proud of me, and happy that I achieved it. Will has been an incredible champion through this entire process. She continued: "Will has been a huge champion throughout this whole process. He's helped me understand the process and he's just really, truly supportive. I am grateful for that."

You don't have to do it alone. She told TooFab that this kind of work is not something you can do alone. You need lots of support. You need people to check in with you, to give you hugs, to be there to listen to you cry, to help you when you are in doubt. "I'm glad that I had this with my family and friends."

She also told us that her self-improvement work, in the wake of her disclosures about her marriage with Will, has led to new conversations about their relationship.

"I reflect on everything that has occurred in the past two years." We've been going through a beautiful, deep healing. "Both individually and together," she said to TooFab. Because your trauma will be hidden in pockets. You may think you are doing one thing but in reality you're doing something different. You may think you are helping, but in reality you are destroying something. We are all walking together.

She added, "We're walking together through these really difficult moments that have occurred, publicly or not publicly. We are getting a better understanding." It has been amazing."

The book ends with Pinkett Smith reflecting upon an ayahuasca experience she had with her family a year or so after The Slap. Will was also present. She wrote: "I looked at Will and felt... differently... I couldn't deny our spiritual connection." In that moment, she said, "You are king of my hearts." In turn, he called her his queen. She concluded, "This was no fairy tale ending, but a fierce acknowledgment of a relationship that had been formed in some extreme heat."

She told TooFab that she finished the book at this point because she began to truly embody a sense of self-worth.

"That was the end I wanted." Not like, "Oh, I have the perfect marriage or the perfect ribbon to wrap around external circumstances." No. She explained, "You know, the world is always in flux." "My interior landscape, regardless of what happens in the world or what is going on, is beautiful."

Worthy is dropping October 17.


Title: Jada Pinkett Says Time Living Apart from Will Smith 'Coming to an End' (Exclusive)
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/16/jada-pinkett-smith-house-will-smith-marriage/
Published Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2023 15:06:07 +0000

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