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John Stamos Reacts to Teri Copley's Claim That She Didn't Cheat on Him with Tony Danza

John Stamos Reacts to Teri Copley's Claim That She Didn't Cheat on Him with Tony Danza

Stamos said, "I was busted, man," when he saw Danza and Copley. Copley claimed that she and Full House's star Danza were "broken up at the time."

John Stamos weighs in on his ex-girlfriend Teri's claim that she did not cheat with Tony Danza when they were together in the 1980s.

In If you would have told me which was published on Tuesday, the actor, 60, claimed that he had once found Copley naked in bed with Danza when he entered the guesthouse of the former. In a statement released on Monday to People Copley, who is now 72 years old, denied Stamos' allegations, saying that the two were "broken up" already at the time.

Stamos responded to Copley's claims during a Tuesday appearance on SiriusXM the Howard Stern Show.

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He told Stern that she had come out the previous day or yesterday, I believe. She said that we were no longer together. This was according to Entertainment Weekly. "And I don’t think she told that to me." "I was busted, man."

Stamos wrote in his book how heremembered it. He recalled it again when he interviewed Stern. He said, "I came in and found them in bed with each other." "I saw four legs coming out of the bed sheet. "I was in tears."

The Full House actor said that he wrote about this moment to "highlight the relatable issues" which he experienced.

People thought, "Who's going cheat on Stamos?" Stamos confirmed that it had happened before. "I put the story in because I wanted to make it relatable. But also, the ending was that I was walking in, I saw them and was like 'I'm going to kick this guy's arse.' Then, I saw his abs. I was like, "I'm going to run."

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Stamos, who wrote his memoir about the incident, said that despite the incident, and whether or not he was actuallybroken-up with Copley, he credits Danza's series Who’s the Boss? for helping Full House to get renewed for Season 2.

He recalled, "They said that they were going to try a new thing. They would put Full House during summer reruns, and then put him behind one of their hit shows. If you could gather an audience, we'd pick you up, and we'd keep it going." The show they chose to lead in was who's the boss? He f--ked him over here but I don't think that the show would have survived past season 1.

Stamos said that Danza, a former boxer and professional athlete, "would have killed" him if he had confronted him about the incident.

"I was angry with her. I was hurt. He dated her before me, I think. "I don't fault her," he confessed. "I was 19 or 20, or whatever. I was a child. It's my naivete that has helped me the most over the years, because I went in like a fool. "But these girls, they were so fast that I could not keep up."

He said: "I wanted this to be highlighted, you know turning from a catapillar into a beautiful butterfly, because I was gawky." "I wanted be a puppeteer. These girls thought that I was a joke when I performed magic and used puppets.

If you would have told me is out now.


Title: John Stamos Reacts to Teri Copley's Claim That She Didn't Cheat on Him with Tony Danza
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/25/john-stamos-reacts-teri-copley-claim-didnt-cheat-tony-danza/
Published Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 15:32:44 +0000

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