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Julia Fox Claims She and Kanye West Broke Up After He Had a Convo with Ex Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox Claims She and Kanye West Broke Up After He Had a Convo with Ex Kim Kardashian

In her memoirs, the actress revealed that the rapper had "discovered" a great deal of information about her after a conversation, including her drug addiction.

Julia Fox says Kim Kardashian was a factor in her breakup from Kanye.

In her memoir, 'Down the Drain', released recently, the actress claimed she and West, who dated between January and February 2022, called it quits after West had a talk with his ex-wife.

Fox wrote: "He calls and we speak one last time on the phone." He tells me that he spoke with his soon to be ex-wife, and gathered a lot of details about me.

"I didn't realize you were a drug user,' he said, as if he was duped," added the model who has been very open about her struggle with opioid addiction. "I told you!" You might have listened better. Not to mention that you were too! "At this point, I'm screaming."

Fox wrote that West had "remain[ed] quiet for once" and told her: "You said you would not embarrass [me].

She added, "I refused to let him see me cry so I hung up and told my publicist to tell the press that our meeting was over."

TooFab reached out to Kardashian’s representatives for a comment.

The 33-year old model revealed her six-week affair with West, detailing some of his allegedly strange behaviors. These included peeing publicly in front of her and offering to pay to have her get a boobjob during their numerous fashion fittings.

Fox described their relationship as equal parts pretend and passionate, saying that she felt "like a show monkey" every time the Yeezy founder dressed up Fox to his liking so he could parade her in front of the cameras.

Fox wrote: "As I pose as if we were puppets, his true intentions are questioned, and I feel that this grand gesture was nothing more than a public relations stunt."

Fox, looking back at their relationship, wrote that she felt like a pawn during West's divorce with Kardashian. "I feel as if he is using me in some strange, twisted games... It makes me feel dirt."

After a few heated arguments, the pair broke up within a couple of weeks after making their relationship public. West made a last attempt to get Fox to sign an NDA, before ending their relationship officially in February 2022.

West warned, "I won't be your friend if you refuse to sign." Fox responded, "I will live."

Down The Drain can be purchased now. Click to see the most shocking revelations in Fox's autobiography.


Title: Julia Fox Claims She and Kanye West Broke Up After He Had a Convo with Ex Kim Kardashian
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/25/julia-fox-claims-kanye-west-broke-up-after-kim-kardashian-convo/
Published Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:07:30 +0000

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