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Kelly Osbourne on Managing Pregnancy, Sobriety & Mental Health: Red Table Talk

"Motherhood is fraught with judgments. Kelly shared that she has chosen to breastfeed and stay on her medication.

Red Table Talk was hosted by Kelly Osbourne on Wednesday. Willow Smith was also on tour.

The expectant mother spoke candidly about her relationship with her father, as well as how she manages her sobriety and mental health during pregnancy.

She shared that "Coming on the show the last time helped my life so much, and it's going to make me cry,". "Because of my honesty, I felt safe. I went back to treatment. It changed my life and made all my dreams come true. "I really mean that."

Kelly said, "You create a safe environment for people to come in and lay it out. It was like therapy." It changed everything. I was like, "I wanna be the person on the Red Table every single day. And it did."

She then spoke about her pregnancy, saying that she felt very fortunate that it didn't happen before as I wouldn't be able to remain sober or sane. Because you can be sober while still being sane. "Sanity is the thing I am most grateful to for."

She admitted that it was a struggle, and sometimes I don't feel normal. But she said that there are many people I can reach out to. My parents have been amazing. It's one the greatest gifts I could have received.

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Kelly continued to describe how her parents have changed over the years. "They stopped trying fix me, they stopped trying force me to be the daughter they thought I should, but they knew I could be. And let me be that on my own."

She said, "I can tell that I haven’t had an argument in a year & a half with mom. This is huge." "And I can have talks with my dad where I listen and understand and acknowledge what I'm talking about and how I feel. He also gives me advice. Not always do I love his advice. He's patient and doesn't rush to get it done.

Kelly told Jada then that Slipknot's Sid Wilson is the father of her child. Jada responded, "I love Slipknot!"

She explained that they met 23 years ago, remained friends through the years, and then something happened a year ago. Now we are having a baby. It's wonderful because he knows my entire family and there's so much history. I love that.

The episode ended with guest Hayden Panettiere joining the cohosts. Dr. Candice Norcott (clinical psychologist) addressed postpartum depression.

Kelly shared, "Whenever I visit the doctor, they give my something on postpartum. Due to my alcoholism, dependency on a chemical, depression and anxiety, it is almost 75% more likely that I will experience postpartum depression. Although I have a plan, I am not sure what I can expect. It is something that I fear.

She continued, "Motherhood is fraught with judgments." "Like I've chosen to breastfeed and stay on my medication. The judgment I've received from extended family and friends is that you're going to miss that bonding period. I think you know this, but I don't believe so. What kind of mother am I if it starts to happen? If I become self-destructive, and it's something that's good for me but not so great for my baby, it must be the best for me.


Title: Kelly Osbourne on Managing Pregnancy, Sobriety & Mental Health: Red Table Talk
Sourced From: toofab.com/2022/09/28/red-table-talk-kelly-osbourne-pregnancy-sobriety-mental-health/
Published Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 17:38:36 +0000

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