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Madrid Man Arrested After Touching Reporter During Live Broadcast

Madrid Man Arrested After Touching Reporter During Live Broadcast

He denied groping the woman on camera and walked off, only to approach her later in broadcast.

According to the Spanish National Police , police in Madrid arrested a man who was accused of "sexually abusing a journalist while she did a live TV show,".

The arrest was made after an unidentified man touched the backside of reporter Isa Balado while she did a live broadcast on Spanish broadcaster Cuatro Tuesday. She was doing a live broadcast for the program En Boca de Todos when a man approached her from behind, seemingly touching her backside and asking what network she worked with.

Nacho Abad, the anchor in the studio, interrupted her and asked if he had just touched her butt. She confirmed that he did, before Abad inquired if he could talk to the "stupid man" who just touched her.

She then confronted the man and asked him if he should touch her behind. He denied this, and tried to pat her head before walking off.

The video of the initial interaction between them has been viewed over 4 million times by the official account for X.

Balado, and a woman who was on the street, later in the same show, said that it is a common practice for men to behave in this way. They claimed he did it to many women in the neighborhood. He walked toward her as she talked about him -- making an "hands-off" gesture. He asked her to tell the truth about what had happened before, and she replied that she did not want to pay him any more attention.

Abad announced on air that they had called the police. Later that day, Spain’s National Police tweeted footage of the handcuffed man ( below). The caption explained that the man had been arrested for "sexually abusing a journalist while she was filming a live television shot."

This video has been viewed more than 10 million times in the two days since it was published.

After the incident, Cuatro's company said that they "fully supported" Balado for the "intolerable" situation she endured on camera.

Yolanda Diz, Spain's Minister of Labour, spoke out about the incident on X, saying that "It is machismo which makes journalists suffer sexual abuse like this and the aggressors remain unrepentant before the camera."


Title: Madrid Man Arrested After Touching Reporter During Live Broadcast
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/09/14/isa-balado-assault-on-camera-madrid/
Published Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 19:47:36 +0000

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