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Mama June Called Out by Husband For Lying To Herself About Strained Relationship With Daughters (Exclusive)

Mama June Called Out by Husband For Lying To Herself About Strained Relationship With Daughters (Exclusive)

He gets frustrated when she doesn't see the truth.

Mama June Shannon’s husband doesn't like her to deflect when she seems to ignore her "serious issues" with her daughters.

In an exclusive sneak peak at tonight's "Mama June - Family Crisis," June Stroud and Justin Stroud, who were married in March 2022 at a courthouse ceremony before a larger ceremony earlier this summer, are shown at home after taking a shower the morning of the Second ceremony.

Justin was concerned after Alana "Honey Boo Boo", and Launce "Pumpkin Efird" Thompson did not show up.

"Everyone who was there yesterday night loved us," said June when reflecting on the previous evening.

"It was an enjoyable night. It was nice that Anna came, but I didn't know her. He replies, "I thought the girls would come. You told everyone that they were going to be there." June then starts to make excuses.

"It's a bit far for them. Alana is in school. We did it during a weeknight. I would love for them to dress shop before the wedding. "I was there when Pumpkin chose her dress and we did her wedding," says she. "I know that they were a bit angry when we went to court, but at the time, they weren't speaking to me. They are trying to make a point.

Justin tells her that he tried to stay out of the drama, so that they could "work out" their problems on their own. He reminds her though that this situation is "serious." Justin then tells her that she is living in a bubble, thinking that everything is fine.

She responds: "I don't say there are no issues." They have to be ready for me at the moment I am. I don't understand why they are not.

"You must be there, don't think that is half the problem?" He asks before she confirms that she believes her daughters will all be present at the wedding. He tells her that this isn't really the issue.

He began by saying, "June, this is not about whether they were at the wedding or weren't at the marriage, but about what it was about," before she started to joke about the sleepwear that had been given the night before. "See what I am saying? You're worrying about matching pajamas, but you have a much bigger problem. You're not concerned about matching pajamas.

He adds, "Stop lying to yourself, June. Otherwise, you'll never be able to fix it. It's not."

We all know that Anna Lauryn, Alana and Alana attended the second ceremony, but how much of their issues did they manage to resolve beforehand?

Find out more by watching "Mama Jane: Family Crisis", Fridays at WE tv!


Title: Mama June Called Out by Husband For Lying To Herself About Strained Relationship With Daughters (Exclusive)
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/06/02/mama-june-called-out-by-husband-justin-about-daughters/
Published Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 15:26:09 +0000

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