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Man Who Dated 3' 11" Tall Reality Star Shauna Rae Brought to Tears by Messages of Support

Dan Swygart, after fiercely defending their relationship, shares one message that "made me cry."

After defending their relationship with Shauna Rae fans in a passionate video, Dan Swygart feels the love of "I Am Shauna Rae".

The 27-year old's "flirtationship” with Shauna Rae, a 23 year-old girl whose growth was limited by a childhood battle against brain cancer, was featured on her TLC series and caused some backlash for Swygart.

He's received a flood of messages of support since sharing a Sunday video in which he called out "absolutely disgusting" the behavior of some people who criticised him. He shared one of those messages on his Instagram Story on Thursday.

The DM reads, "Thank you for your support" and for being a defender for the population 'with disabilities' but also for being a defender for the rights of all human beings. You have a kind and generous heart.

Swygart stated that the note made him cry. Swygart said that the note "actually made me cry." He added, "You guys were awesome!" Every single one of your efforts is greatly appreciated."

The show's second season was wrapped up by TLC earlier in the month. Dan Swygart (27), appeared in many episodes. The show featured the couple claiming they met via social media. Dan messaged Shauna and one her sisters before sending flowers to Shauna. The two became closer as he continued to come from the UK to visit her on Long Island.

TLC's reality series follows Shauna, who "strives" to be independent while being held in the body and mind of an eight-year-old. Some viewers questioned Dan's motivations in allowing Rae to appear on the show, as reflected in the comments.

"Me and Shauna remain good friends, getting to know one another." He shared his passionate video earlier this week, saying that he thought it was disgusting to see some people's attitudes. She's seen so many things in her life. As a child, she survived cancer. She has always felt different from society and been treated differently by it. How dare you deny her right to a connection, friendship, or relationship with another person?

"Who is to say she can't have it?" He continued, "I am disgusted at some people's attitudes toward her and my friendship with them." I cannot believe that some people deny her the right of friendship or connection with another person. She is human, she has survived cancer, she has disability, and she was born with dwarfism. Who is she to deny her the right to a friendship and connection? You dare! What are you waiting for?

He said that he received positive messages from people who also thanked him for showing that it was okay to form a friendship or connection with someone who is different from society's standards.

Dan suggested that the couple travel together to a foreign country in the finale of season 1. This would have been a huge step for the duo. Rae was however hesitant and stated that it was too early.

She said that she would love to travel with Dan in the future, and would like to see the world in a way that he does. "I think Dan and me have a lot of potential. It's only a matter if we are moving in the same direction." Because he is currently traveling, and I am not. This could have a major impact on everything.

Discovery+ is streaming "I Am Shauna Rae", now available on Discovery+


Title: Man Who Dated 3' 11" Tall Reality Star Shauna Rae Brought to Tears by Messages of Support
Sourced From: toofab.com/2023/01/27/shauna-rae-dan-swygert-support-video/
Published Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 18:39:42 +0000

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