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Mike Caussin Admits to Jana Kramer He Used Her As 'Scapegoat'

Mike Caussin Admits to Jana Kramer He Used Her As 'Scapegoat'

In the latest episode of Jana Kramer’s ‘Whine Down’ podcast, she discussed her divorce with Mike Caussin and her new memoir.

Mike Caussin opens up about his divorce with Jana Kramer .

The two now-friendly ex-partners sat for the latest episode Kramer's Whine Down Podcast, and shared their progress since their turbulent split.

After a series of allegations of adultery, Caussin, a One Tree Hill alumni, filed for divorce in April 2021. She accused her ex-husband of "inappropriate marriage conduct, irreconcilable difference and adultery."

The conversation is the first of three parts of an interview between the two. It comes after the release of Kramer’s new memoir and The next chapter: Making peace with hard memories, Finding Hope all Around Me, Clearing Space for the Good Things to Come.

It was partly because of the book that Kramer felt the need to meet with her ex and have a chat.

Kramer explained that many people do not realize "how much we've grown" since the split. "You shouldn't be defined solely by your past... People shouldn't be defined solely by their mistakes."

Kramer, who has a daughter Jolie, 7 and a son Jace 4, with the ex-football player, confessed that she felt nervous telling Caussin she was writing about their turbulent separation, due to the progress they had made in their coparenting relationship, which she did not want to ruin.

She recalled, "We were in a bad place for about a year after the divorce, but then we reached a better place and I said, "I don't ever want to feel that energy again."

Caussin, who was also apprehensive at first, told listeners that he was "skeptical," however, he shared that since that time, "things have changed so much," that he isn't as concerned about what Kramer wrote as he used to be during the height of his divorce.

"I have more faith in our relationship than ever before." Caussin added, "I believe Jana's narrative and what she has to say." If I read it, would there be things that bother me? Sure... It was a different time.

Caussin took this opportunity to apologize for his role in the breakdown of their relationship. He told the listeners: "I used Jana (as my scapegoat). I thought, "If I can put it all on Jana, then it's not mine." "And that's bulls--t."

Kramer said to her ex-boyfriend, who was seeking treatment for sex abuse after their breakup, "I have never heard you say this, and I really appreciate it."

They also discussed Kramer's relationship with Allan Russell and her pregnancy. The mother-of-2 is expecting her first baby with Russell in a month.

Caussin disagrees with those who have criticised the singer/actress for "moving on too soon."

On paper, is it too early? Sure, whatever. But I really love Alan. I have the highest respect for him. Caussin said that no one else can experience or witness the same thing I do [between them]. "Everything has been respectful and understanding since the first time I met Alan."

"I knew Jana would find someone before I did, and I imagined this -- everyone wins." He said. Jana found a man that is loving, respectful and honest... she got what she was looking for. I now have someone I can trust with my children and who takes good care of their mother.

Caussin, too, has moved on. He revealed to Kramer in the podcast that "he is seeing someone right now."

This was the first interview that Caussin had conducted with Kramer since their separation in 2021. The second and third parts will be released in the next few weeks.


Title: Mike Caussin Admits to Jana Kramer He Used Her As 'Scapegoat'
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/25/mike-caussin-admits-to-jana-kramer-he-used-her-as-scapegoat/
Published Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 18:12:37 +0000

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