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Millie Bobby Brown Wants Children With Fiancé Jake Bongiovi, Why She's Getting Married Young

Millie Bobby Brown Wants Children With Fiancé Jake Bongiovi, Why She's Getting Married Young

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi, both 21, met on Instagram in 2020. They got engaged in April.

Millie Bobby Brown will soon be walking down the aisle.

Brown, who has been named as one of Glamour's Global Women of the Year spoke with the outlet to discuss her relationship with Jon Bonjovi and why she is comfortable marrying at such a young age.

We were models of wonderful, loving relationships. It's something we both shared a passion for," said the Stranger Things actor, who is 19 years old.

Brown said that her fiance is a second family. She shared with him how she and his parents, both 21-year old model-actors, were married young, and they are still in love.

The magazine's cover model said, "His family was so accepting and embraced me. It's nice to have a second family."

Brown said Bongiovi not only let her be herself but also encouraged her to love her own self, particularly after what she called an "unhealthy" situation with TikToker Hunter Ecimovic.

Brown said she was "so upset" with herself and the decisions she had made during her relationship with Ecimovic. "I was afraid to be strong in a relationship. I felt loud when I met Jake. He encouraged and embraced it. "I fell in love with me while I was with him."

"I asked, 'Why love me?'" She said. Then he went on to list all the things I disliked about me. You see the good in these things? He said, "Of course you do." These are the things I love about me now. He played a huge role in my self-love and my transformation into a woman. It was like "Wow, this person is amazing because he lets me love myself."

"He is so kind." Brown exclaimed, "His heart is wonderful and loving.

Although becoming a mother was always in the plans for the young actress, she didn't think about it until she began dating Bongiovi.

Brown and Bongiovi met on Instagram. Since then, the two have been together, with Bongiovi even proposing in April .

"I wanted be the woman my mother is to me, and I wanted be the woman my grandmother was to my. Brown said that she never intended to become a mother or a woman before revealing how Bongiovi's decision changed.

She said, "But, after meeting Jake, and seeing that I don't need to be stereotypical wife for her. He does not want me to do that either. He wants me go do my own thing and live my own life. And he'll hold my hand through the whole process. "Oh, yes, I want that."

She wants it now. Brown knows that there is no better time to start her career, or her relationship.

"It's as if -- I know that I should make this film now. I know that I need to write this book right now. Brown said, "I know I should be doing this now." It's not that I couldn't do it within 10 years. I'm sure I could do it. Why wait when I already know it will work? Florence will also be here in 10 years. In 10 years, you'll be watching my movie on TV. "I know Jake and I are going to be fine."

Why wait? "Let's do it," she said.


Title: Millie Bobby Brown Wants Children With Fiancé Jake Bongiovi, Why She's Getting Married Young
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/16/millie-bobby-brown-wants-children-fiance-jake-bongiovi/
Published Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2023 17:14:57 +0000

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