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Ruby Franke's Husband Feels 'Manipulated and Deceived' By Wife and Her Partner After Child Abuse Arrest

Ruby Franke's Husband Feels 'Manipulated and Deceived' By Wife and Her Partner After Child Abuse Arrest

Kevin Franke’s lawyer claimed that his client had been "emotionally manipulated" by his wife before accusing Ruby’s podcast partner of “essentially destroying [his] life and destroying [his] family."

Ruby Franke's husband, who is distancing him from the alleged crimes of his wife Ruby and her podcasting companion, who were both arrested for child abuse . He claims that he had been "manipulated" in the months before their arrests.

Kevin Franke's wife and him share six children -- Shari and Chad -- and lived separate lives when she was arrested.

Randy S. Kester, Kevin's lawyer, said that his client did not know his estranged spouse and children had moved to Ivins in Utah, where Ruby Hildebrandt's podcasting colleague Jodi lived, when he spoke with Law&Crime’s Sidebar Podcast on Wednesday.

Kester claims that she contacted Kevin at work on the day Ruby was arrested, but not before being taken into custody by police.

Kester said that "she had heard about what was happening and knew they would be coming for her, so she called him to say, 'This emergency', even though she had not reached out to him in months, months, and months prior." She reached out to her husband in an emergency knowing that he would be there to help her children.

She told him that she and her family had lived in Ivins for several months. Kester said that the two had separated due to a "difference in opinion about their family." When asked if this was related to parenting or their personal dynamics, Kester replied, "Correct... and their own individual dynamic."

He claimed that Ruby had also suggested that Kevin and his kids have no contact during their separation. She told him, "everything would be better with him out of the house" and it would all be "blissful". Kester claimed Kevin would respect her demands because they could "preserve" his marriage if he did.

The attorney said, "He is getting raked on the coals because he didn't reach out to his children. But what people don’t understand is that he tried to preserve his marriage. He was taking directions from her, and she was asking him to leave. She was saying she wanted him to be with her again and have a family. So she asked him to leave and not contact the kids or his ex-wife."

Kevin's attorney said that his client did not know the children were in danger. Ruby, according to Kevin's lawyer, was "controlling" him emotionally because she understood how much Kevin valued his family and marriage. It was Kevin’s desire to be with his family again and to preserve his marriage. Kester said that if Kevin had even the slightest inkling of abuse he would have been there within two seconds.

Ruby and her husband spoke for the last time last week. Kester says that during this conversation "he realized how he had been deceived and manipulated."

Kester stated that physical abuse was never a part of their family before. He added, "a lot of dynamics between Kevin and his wife changed once Jodi Hildebrandt joined up with Ruby."

Kester went on to say, "She has manipulated him in conjunction with Ruby." "She's been the spearhead in destroying his life, and his family."

He added that Jody had "done it to many families" before.

Kester was asked during the interview about the criticism Ruby and Kevin received in the past regarding their parenting methods, documented on the now-defunct 8 Passengers channel. Insider reports that some viewers criticized the Frankes for their parenting style, deeming it abusive. Ruby's comments, meanwhile, were considered offensive.

Kevin Franke's children have never been accused of physical abuse. Kester said that all of these complaints about parenting were investigated. I think parenting is a subjective matter. "While there may have been criticism about their parenting being overly strict or demanding, this has been investigated."

"Kevin Franke was never accused of physical abuse, and that includes his children. There were no allegations made against him, and there have been no charges filed in the past." "He does not condone this kind of thing. He is a good father. He does not tolerate physical violence, or any other form of abuse of children or anyone else."

Kester claimed Kevin had nothing to do with Ruby and Jody’s ConneXions since over a year-and-a-half.

Kevin's two oldest children have spoken with him since his arrest. Kester, however, refused to comment on whether or not he has spoken with the four younger children who were placed in the Department of Child and Family Services.

Kevin's attorney stated that Kevin was consulting professionals about his plans to reunited with his children. We're working with the Utah state juvenile court to take their direction about how to heal Kevin's family and reunify his family.

Kester concluded, "He is working hard to restore his damaged reputation and he gets beaten over the coals for it, but he was in some way a victim of Jody's psychological and mental manipulations against him and his entire family." "He is just trying to bring some normalcy back into his life... and to keep this family intact and to make sure that they thrive and recover after this abuse," Kester concluded.

Ruby and Jodi both were formally charged last week with six counts felony aggravated abuse of children. According to CBS News, the pair is accused of "multiple physical injuries or torture" as well as starvation and malnutrition which could endanger life. They are also accused of causing severe mental harm to two children.

According to a press release NBC News received, if found guilty of each count, a prison term ranging from 1 to 15 years could be imposed, along with a fine as high as $10,000.

Franke and Hildebrandt, who were living at Hildebrandt’s house last week, were arrested after one of Franke’s six children fled and asked for help from a neighbor. According to the Santa Clara Ivins Public Safety Department, the 12-year-old appeared "emaciated" and "malnourished," and had "open injuries and duct-tape around his extremities."

The release stated that the condition of the child was so bad, they were transported to a hospital in the area by Santa Clara Ivins EMS. After receiving information that other "in similar conditions" might be in the home, police searched the residence. They found "another child in a similar condition of malnutrition," Franke’s 10-year old daughter, according to NBC News.

The child was also transported to the hospital for treatment. The Department of Child and Family Services was able to place Franke's children with them after a subsequent search warrant.


Title: Ruby Franke's Husband Feels 'Manipulated and Deceived' By Wife and Her Partner After Child Abuse Arrest
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/09/13/ruby-franke-husband-lawyer-interview/
Published Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 18:42:05 +0000

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