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Tom Holland Shares Zendaya's Hilarious Reaction to Insane Uncharted Stunt


Holland teases that one of the Spider-Men from No Way Home wore fake fake assualts in his suit.

Tom Holland opens up about the crazy stunt he did while filming his new movie, "Uncharted."

The actor, Nathan Drake, recalled a stunt he performed on Monday's episode "Late Night with Seth Meyers". He was thrown out of an aircraft by a car mid-air while he was being hit by it.

After he revealed the stunt to Zendaya, the "Spider-Man: No Way Home!" actor, Zendaya, his girlfriend and co-star in "Spider-Man", explained how she reacted.

"Now, how can they bring that to me as an idea?" Meyers inquired about the stunt. Meyers asked about the stunt.

Holland, 25, said, "This was for me as a young child growing up, the Indiana Joneses were my favorite genre film." He added that it was "really exciting" to be a part this genre.

He continued, "But I had no choice but to do it and I broke my own heart." He recalled, "Like they told you, 'Right. We're going to do this stunt whereby you jump into an airplane and then get hit by a car from the airplane.' And you think, "Wow, that sounds incredible! Then you shoot it and they ask you if you want to go back. You're like, "No, I'm done." It was hard.

Holland was able to witness Zendaya's hilarious reaction.

He said, "I was actually working on Spider-Man and pitching it to Zendaya." "I was going through the film, scene by scene, when I said to Zendaya that I was thinking of this amazing scene where I am hit by a car from a plane."

"And she's like: 'I must stop you there. "What on Earth is this movie about?"

Holland admitted that the stunt was challenging, but he said that it was "a lot of fun", noting that performing stunts "is something I've always really loved."

During the late-night interview, Holland also spoke about his experiences filming "Spider-Man: No Way Home" alongside Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Holland teased that one of the Spider-Men was wearing something very interesting under his Spidey suit in a humorous "spoiler".

He said, "I'll tell you a spoiler and I'm going to not tell you who, but one has a fake sex in their suit," You can find out for yourself. It was a memorable experience to be on set, and I thought "Wow! I remember being on set and feeling like "Wow!

Holland's comment on the prosthetic butt suggests that Garfield or Maguire may have worn it underneath their costumes. We have a feeling that fans will soon discover the truth.


Title: Tom Holland Shares Zendaya's Hilarious Reaction to Insane Uncharted Stunt
Sourced From: toofab.com/2022/02/22/tom-holland-shares-zendaya-reaction-uncharted-stunt/
Published Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 20:02:17 +0000

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