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Tommy Lee's Wife Reveals How She's Doing After Release of Pamela Anderson Doc

Brittany Furlan sent a message to people that don't know her or their relationship.

Brittany Furlan is Tommy Lee's spouse and speaking out after the release of Pamela Anderson’s bombshell memoir.

Anderson continued to talk about Lee's past marriage and their intense romance during her promotional tour for "Love Pamela" and "Pamela: a Love Story" on Netflix. Anderson also said that Furlan would be annoyed by her memoir.

Furlan clarified the situation in a TikTok video, reassuring her fans that she doesn't mind people making "mean or unkind" remarks about her.

"Hi guys. Furlan, 36, said, "I just wanted to drop by to let you all know that I'm okay. I know people have been checking up on me, which has been really nice and I'm doing well." Don't worry and don't be worried about the people who are saying the most hateful things. It's completely ridiculous. Don't worry, and please thank all those who have been so kind.

She continued, "We're only here for a limited amount of time so I don't worry about the comments from people who don't know me or my relationship." I love everyone who has been so kind. I send love to people who have been unkind, because I believe they may need it. It's all part of life, I suppose."

Furlan, who married Lee, 60 in 2019, said that she was "lucky" to have a loving husband who laughs at everything and couldn't care less.

The comedian thanked her fans for "sticking up" to her. She also noted that she isn't censoring the comments section on the video, even though there are some haters who wish to leave unkind remarks.

Furlan stated, "I leave my comments open. If you feel the need to vent and tell me something mean or tear me down," Furlan added. "Honestly, I have done so many self-work that I know where it comes from."

She concluded by saying, "With this said, I send so much love out to everyone, the great and the terrible, and don’t worry about anything. I’ll be back to my continuing program as usual very shortly. Love you guys."

The internet personality shared another TikTok, in which she seemed to make a joke about Anderson's "death".

Furlan deleted the clip. Furlan lip-synched to TikTok's popular audio featuring Wendy Williams, saying "Oh, mmm. ... She died? Oh, mmm."

The TikTok filter used by the actress was "90s Pam Makeup". She also wrote "Pam if you died" above the video. Lee was also shown by her briefly, but he did not react to it.

Furlan captioned the clip with "Pls men I gotta make jokes it is how I cope", according to TikTok users. The clip was only up for a couple of minutes before Furlan took it down. Fans captured the video and posted it.

Furlan had deleted the TikTok video but that didn't stop people from criticizing Furlan in the comments. They said her clip was "uncalled for".

"This is the most embarrassing thing she could have done after Pam said on Howard Stern that they respect their relationship," one person wrote. Another added, "Did she JUST post saying she doesn't need to check on her because she's fine and she's great with her marriage?" ."

"Pam has been nothing except respectful to her. Another user said that this was uncalled for.

Furlan's videos were made after Anderson shared her thoughts about how Furlan would respond to her comments regarding her relationship with Lee. Anderson has also spoken out in interviews and in her memoir.

"I'm sure it will be irritating to his wife. She said she would be annoyed to the Wall Street Journal earlier in this week.

The "Baywatch", "Baywatch" alum had similar thoughts when she appeared on SiriusXM’s "The Howard Stern Show" just a few days before. She also noted that she supports Lee's marriage with Furlan.

She explained that he is happy and married, and that she is good to him. "I hate being annoying and going through all this again. She's probably annoyed. I respect their relationship. I'm glad that he is happy and has someone in his life.


Title: Tommy Lee's Wife Reveals How She's Doing After Release of Pamela Anderson Doc
Sourced From: toofab.com/2023/02/03/tommy-lee-wife-brittany-furlan-pamela-anderson-doc/
Published Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 15:57:45 +0000

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