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Travis Barker Reveals Shocking Hand Injury After Blink 182-Concert

Travis Barker Reveals Shocking Hand Injury After Blink 182-Concert

The drummer and his wife Kourtney are also expecting the birth of their baby boy.

Travis Barkerjust revealed an injury to his left hand, after the drummer performed in Manchester with his band Blink-182.

Barker used Instagram Stories to show his bloodied and scabbed knuckles. He also had a large cut on his hand.

Barker revealed his blood-stained black pants in the next post.

Barker shared a selfie with a mirror before the concert. He tagged it with his location.

The band will be performing in Manchester for the second time, and it is also their last European show on the Rock Hard Tour. The final show of the year will be in Las Vegas.

Travis Barker Reveals Shocking Hand Injury After Blink 182-Concert

Barker and his wife Kourtney Kourtney, are expecting their first child together.

In a cover story in Vanity Fair Italy, the star of The Kardashians opened up about her fertility treatment.

"It came when Travis and I stopped thinking about it and I stopped my fertility treatment," said Kim Kardashian.

The 44-year old reality star also said that "those remarks don't impact me." She continued, "To anyone who makes them, I simply say: 'How can you question God's plans?' That's the way I see this pregnancy."

Kardashian and Barker began in vitro fertilisation before they got married in 2022. Kardashian said that she felt "pushed" towards IVF, "as though it was the only option."

She added, "I felt that I was doing things that I didn't feel right about."

She continued, "My intuition told me it wasn't right for me." I don't take any medicine. Imagine that it is working against me rather than with it.

Kourt said, "I knew that deep down it wasn't right."

"I told Travis that if we were meant to have children, it would happen. It was just like that. "When we stopped forcing it, then it happened," said she.

Kourtney shared with us how her pregnancy this time was different from the others.

She revealed, "This time I was not followed by the same doctors as the others, and they gave me many restrictions during the first few months." No plane trips, no coffee, no Pilates and no workouts. Even no sex!"

Kourtney shares Mason (13), Penelope (11), and Reign (8 years old) with her ex Scott Disick. Barker, on the other hand, is father to Landon (20) and Alabama (17), as well as stepfather to Atiana de La Hoya, with his ex Shanna Mokoakler.

The couple announced their pregnancy in Los Angeles in June, when Kourtney held a sign that read, "Travis, I'm pregnant" - a tribute to the music video for the band "All The Small Things".


Title: Travis Barker Reveals Shocking Hand Injury After Blink 182-Concert
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/10/16/travis-barker-hand-injury-blink-182-concert/
Published Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2023 15:51:30 +0000

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