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Why Andy Cohen Thought Raquel Leviss Was Possibly 'Medicated' During Pump Rules Reunion

Why Andy Cohen Thought Raquel Leviss Was Possibly 'Medicated' During Pump Rules Reunion

I was concerned about Raquel's mental state before the reunion. "I still am," said the Bravo EP of Raquel when she was confronted on the explosive three part reunion about her affair.

Many "Vanderpump Rules'" viewers expressed their shock and confusion when Raquel Levy appeared stone-faced and emotionless in the three-part reunion. Now Andy Cohen has weighed in.

The Bravo EP, while speaking with Variety after part three of "Vanderpump Rules'" reunion revealed that he believed Raquel may have been "medicated", due to her expressions being "unemotional", when she was asked about her affair Tom Sandoval.

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"I was concerned for Raquel's health mental going into the reunion. Andy was still concerned about Raquel's mental health, even though she checked into a facility for mental health in mid-April. "But in fact, I thought she was either very medicated or out of touch, because she seemed so unresponsive."

The Bravolebrity, who hosted the "Vanderpump Rules Reunion," brought up a scene from Part Two in which Scheana Shary cried over the "toll" the restraining order Raquel filed against her took on her. Raquel dropped the restraining orders, so the two were required to be 100 yards apart during the reunion. Raquel was in a trailer while Scheana hung out with the cast.

Andy: "I found it very confusing when [Raquel] said in the trailer that she should have sent her a letter. I thought that maybe there was something that she missed about these relationships." It made me wonder if she thought they weren't as real as other people believed. I didn't understand."

Scheana told Variety that Raquel's reaction was "bizarre" when she broke down.

She explained: "For her just to be sitting there, seeing me crying, and just buckling her shoes, and watching with a blank stare and vacant look, like lights on and no one home, is bizarre." "It's bizarre. I couldn't have imagined that reaction, because Raquel was not that person. I felt that she was someone who could truly care and feel emotion."

Scheana added later, "I've been grieving the loss my friendship with Raquel. I've also asked myself: Who the f is Rachel?" Raquel is Raquel's full legal name.

The "Vanderpump Rules' scandal started in March, when news broke that Sandoval had separated from Ariana Madex after nine years of marriage after the latter discovered the former's affair with Raquel.

The production of Season 10 was completed last fall. However, filming resumed just two days later after Ariana discovered a compromising recording of her long-term partner and friend on his mobile phone in early march. The drama was chronicled in "#Scandoval" as a bonus final for "Vanderpump Rules." The three-part reunion filming took place a few months later.

The final episode of "Vanderpump Rules," the third part, aired Wednesday. Raquel was utterly destroyed by Ariana and Lala KENT as well as Katie Maloney. Even that was not as shocking as the private remarks Raquel made six days later, when she decided to correct the record during her final confessional tape of the season.

Raquel admitted in a tearful interview that she and Sandoval were not being honest about their relationship timeline, the number of times they had sex and who wanted to "throuple" during the reunion special.

Here are more shocking revelations from Raquel’s confessional, and the third part reunion.


Title: Why Andy Cohen Thought Raquel Leviss Was Possibly 'Medicated' During Pump Rules Reunion
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/06/08/why-andy-cohen-thought-raquel-leviss-was-possibly-medicated-during-pump-rules-reunion/
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