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Celebrities who have CRITICIZED the Royal Family: Top Ten

katy perry

Top 10 Celebrities Who Have CRITICIZED The Royal Family
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No one is really free from criticism nowadays, and this includes the Royal Family. In fact, many high-profile celebrities have come forward over the years to voice their disdain for the institution, and they haven't held back. From Beyonce and Jay-Z's quiet protest to Amy Schumer's flat-out call out, these are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Have CRITICIZED The Royal Family.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:15- Beyoncé
1:42- Kim Kardashian
2:33- Katy Perry
3:36- Wendy Williams
4:21- Piers Morgan
5:45- Amy Schumer
6:25- Simon Cowell
7:10- Jerry Seinfeld
8:12- Lily Allen
8:48- Jeremy Corbyn

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Michayla Gordon:

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Daniela Suarez:

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