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Hollywood's Top Ten Rudest Families

aaron carter family

Top 10 Rudest Families Exposed By Hollywood
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The entertainment industry has no shortage of powerful families. From the Kardashians Jenners to the Hiltons, these families hold a ton of power and influence. But that doesn't mean that they use it well. These are the Top 10 Rudest Families Exposed By Hollywood!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:20- The Kardashians
1:19- The Biebers
2:28- The Smiths
3:45- The Markles & Prince Harry
4:40- The Hiltons
5:42- The Spears
6:46- The Lohans
7:44- The Carters
8:33- The Meesters
9:27- The Winter Workmans

Hosted By:
Stacey Taylor:

Edited By:
Alina Geana:

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