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Inside Giada De Laurentiis And Shane Farley's Relationship

It didn’t take long after Giada De Laurentiis split with her ex-husband, Todd Thompson, before the celebrity chef found herself in the arms of a new man. Shane Farley, a TV producer who De Laurentiis had met back in 2013, seems to be a perfect match for the Food Network personality.
But life in the public eye can wreak havoc on any relationship. Would this new fling drown in tabloid gossip, or fizzle out in the shadows of the celebrity chef's spotlight? Or is it meant to last? Let’s take a look inside Giada De Laurentiis and Shane Farley's relationship.

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Not made-for-TV | 0:00
Previous relationships | 0:59
Me time | 1:50
Under the radar | 2:48
Cheating rumors | 3:49
Kitchen cook-off | 4:55
Was there a proposal? | 5:57
Managing the press | 6:57
Even stronger | 7:40

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