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Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler’s wife has undergone a stunning transformation.


Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie have an absolutely adorable relationship, but sometimes she likes to team up with the other women in his life to make him nervous and whip him into shape. This inside look and more as we explore the stunning transformation of Jackie Sandler.

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Early modeling days | 0:00
Catching Adam's eye | 1:11
Prenup drama | 2:11
Converting to Judaism | 3:13
Wedding serenade | 4:21
Diaper duty | 5:22
Pregnancy Number 2 | 6:37
No jealousy | 7:48
Taking the stairs | 8:59
Becoming Uncut | 10:20
Working with her brother | 11:41
Promoting a healthier husband | 12:54
Take your daughters to work | 14:05
Growing old together | 15:23

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