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Jerry Seinfeld's Shady Side


"Seinfeld" may be a show about nothing, but the comedian who gave the sitcom its name never seems to be afraid of starting something. From scandalous relationships to baseball-related drama, Jerry Seinfeld certainly has a shady side.

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Seinfeld vs. The Lego Movie | 0:00
Seinfeld vs. Kesha | 1:22
Seinfeld vs. Lisa Kudrow | 2:25
Seinfeld vs. car-based interview shows | 3:30
Seinfeld vs. Kristin Davis | 4:34
Seinfeld vs. the YouTube community | 5:50
Seinfeld vs. Bobcat Goldthwait | 6:55
Seinfeld vs. marital fidelity | 8:01
Seinfeld vs. age gap criticism | 9:05
Seinfeld vs. Larry King | 9:55
Seinfeld vs. Lady Gaga | 10:49
Seinfeld vs. Timmy Trumpet | 11:53

Voiceover By: Allie James

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