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John Mayer's Past Is Not A Good One

nicki swift

Musician John Mayer's smooth-as-honey voice, brooding pin-up looks, and sensitive soft-rock sound once made him a sex symbol, but here's a look at how his habit of oversharing turned his personal life into a tabloid free-for-all.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt | 0:00
Jessica Simpson | 1:06
He couldn't quit her | 2:08
Jennifer Aniston | 3:05
Analog Who? | 4:05
Way, way TMI | 5:00
Kissing Perez Hilton | 5:56
Taylor Swift | 7:00
His porn habit | 8:18
Mayer's racism problem | 9:04
Have ego, will exaggerate | 9:55

Voiceover by: Emily Brown

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