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Kate Middleton's Glamour Over the Years


Kate Middleton may not wear the crown of a monarch, but she will one day if all goes according to plan. In preparation for her future role, and in her present capacity as the wife of a prince, Kate has taken on a weighty series of responsibilities, and they've made an incredible change in her fashion and style over the years. We'll look at the subtle changes as they've accrued over time, from the relatively glammed up look of her single days and early marriage to her much more conservative (but still elegant) of recent years. In lock step with the style priorities of the Queen herself, this is how Kate Middleton's glamour has evolved over the years.

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Makeup | 0:11
Her nails | 1:38
Kate's hair | 3:08
Her pregnancies | 4:34
Kate's anti-aging strategies | 6:02
The James Bond premiere | 7:04
Repeating outfits | 8:25
Comparisons | 9:57
The changes we can expect | 11:20

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