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Live TV: Inappropriate Comments by Politicians


The political world, for all intents and purposes, is like a circus. Between carefully crafted agendas and surgically precise speeches, politicians tend to be pretty well-versed in their practiced performances — that is, of course, until they stray from their scripts. Publicly saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can often lead to disaster, harming a politician's reputation — or at least incurring the wrath of the people wronged by their words. Just ask any of these folks … when they're able to pry their feet out of their mouths, of course. These are just some of the most inappropriate things politicians said on live TV.

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Barack Obama | 0:00
Mike Huckabee | 1:09
Boris Johnson | 1:47
Donald Trump | 3:03
Joe Biden | 3:34
Hillary Clinton | 4:37
Vladimir Putin | 5:33
Todd Akin | 6:17
Gordon Brown | 7:31
Marjorie Taylor Greene | 8:45
Mitt Romney | 9:21
Michael Grimm | 10:10
Angela Smith | 11:17

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