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Meghan reveals the Top 10 Most Important Secrets About The Royal Family

queen elizabeth

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With the first three episodes being released on Netflix for Meghan and Harry’s new documentary we know a bunch of royal secrets are still to be revealed. With Meghan already revealing a ton of royal secrets in the past we know in the next three episodes to be released more secrets are coming.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:24- Silenced By The Royal Family
01:29- Kate Middleton
02:33- Formality
03:32- The Thoughts Of Her Unborn Child
04:37- Had To Quit
05:37- Handing Over Passport
06:39- Secret Ceremony
07:41- Harry's A List
08:54- Secret Stay At The Palace
09:57- Meghan's Career

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Stacey Taylor:

Edited By:
Ryan Lorenzetti: