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The Top 10 Meanest Celebrities who made their staff quit - Part 2.

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Top 10 MEANEST Celebrities Who Made All Their Staff Quit - Part 2
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Most of us imagine that working for celebrities would be incredibly cool. Not only would you get to hang out with them and be in close proximity to them, but you would also get to see their daily routines and find out their “secrets”. Maybe if you’re lucky you could even become friends. But sadly, in most cases, that’s not the way it goes. Many have become huge divas and expect people to cater to their every whim. In fact, some celebrities even believe that allowing people to be purely in their presence is some sort of huge favor and a gift of a lifetime. So in this video, we're counting down Part 2 of the 'Top 10 MEANEST Celebrities Who Made All Their Staff Quit!'

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:11- Lindsay Lohan
1:13- Rihanna
2:17- George Clooney
3:28- Beyonce
4:25- Zooey Deschanel
5:30- Kate Gosselin
6:42- Victoria Beckham
7:30- Noami Campbell
8:40- Madonna
9:48- Courtney Love

Hosted By:
Nathan Gennoe:

Edited By:
Alina Geana: