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The Top Ten Celebrities That Tried to Warn Us About King Charles

why do brtis hate prince charles

Top 10 Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About King Charles
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Queen Elizabeth II's passing came very suddenly, and in the end, we were left with the queen's son Prince Charles becoming KING Charles. However, many members of the British public aren't happy about this, and many have made it clear over the years that they are NOT fans of Charles. We're looking at some of these warning signs today with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About King Charles.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:32- Prince Harry
1:29- Meghan Markle
2:29- Trevor Noah
3:22- Jesse Armstrong
4:17- Tony Blair
5:18- Princess Diana
6:21- Richard Rogers
7:20- Boris Johnson
8:09- Nigel Farage
9:06- Princess Catherine

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