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The Top Ten Celebrities who faced their stalkers

celebrity stalkers

Top 10 Celebrities Who Came Face To Face With Their Stalkers
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Celebs know that when they become famous, part of being in the spotlight is having your every move followed. It comes with the territory that public figures suddenly become interesting and even their most basic errands, like running to Starbucks or the grocery store, become news stories. The downside of that closeness to their fans comes at a terrifying price: when the admirer crosses the line from fan to stalker. So in this video, we're counting down the Top 10 Celebrities Who Came Face To Face With Their Stalkers!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:13- Katty Perry
1:20- Keira Knightley
2:35- Robert Pattinson
3:30- Taylor Swift
5:00- Sandra Bullock
6:10- Drew Barrymore
7:15- Britney Spears
7:55- Kendal Jenner
9:00- Lindsay Lohan
10:00- Paris Hilton

Hosted By:
Nathan Gennoe:

Edited By:
Alina Geana:

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