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The Untold Truth Of Madea - Part 2


She channeled Beyonce, she’s inspired by Oprah; what else do we not know about Madea? Tyler Perry’s Mabel Simmons — aka, Madea — is one of the most memorable characters in movies today, but there’s a lot you may not know about her.

While she may be an incredibly relatable, witty, hilarious character — her inspiration didn’t always come from lighthearted times. Tyler Perry’s brainchild also wasn’t meant to be the star of the show.

So who is Madea really? What’s the formula behind her being so successful? And how does Tyler Perry actually feel about the character? Stay tuned to hear the untold truth of Madea — Part 2!

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Indirectly inspired by Oprah | 0:00
Originally a minor character | 1:24
Eddie Murphy's influence | 2:23
First movie was a challenge | 3:15
A fun yet meaningful formula | 4:05
Perry hates playing Madea | 4:56
Built Tyler Perry's studio | 5:53
Perry wanted to retire Madea | 6:30
Madea gets people laughing | 7:28
Spreading positive messages | 8:09
Madea channeled Beyonce | 9:01

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