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Top 10 MEANEST Celebrities Who Lost ALL Their Fans


Top 10 MEANEST Celebrities Who Lost ALL Their Fans
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Celebrities are generally nice to their fans, as they're the ones who help them maintain their status in Hollywood. But sometimes they have a bad day, or even their true selves are revealed and they LOSE IT on their fans. And from there their careers come crumbling down. These are the Top 10 MEANEST Celebrities Who Lost All Their Fans.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:05- Lea Michele
1:14- Mike Myers
2:30- Rachael Ray
3:43- Russel Crowe
4:50- Jared Leto
5:57- Ellen DeGeneres
7:00- Catherine Zeta-Jones
8:10- Katherine Heigl
9:23- Jamie Lynn Spears

Hosted By:
Bridgette Shields:

Edited By:
Brianna Raakman:

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