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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Mark Rare Public Appearance To Promote COVID Vaccine

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, both dressed in dark blue, visit New York City

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their family are currently on vacation in New York City. The two of them are currently on a rare public appearance to promote COVID-19 vaccine. Here's what's happening.

Way Out East

The couple decided to visit the Big Apple instead of returning to England, as there was speculation that Harry and Markle might return in the autumn. This is Markle's first trip to New York together since their arrival in the United States.

The Duke and Duchess are visiting New York to attend Global Citizen Live at Central Park, a charity event that takes place around the globe. Harry was a volunteer with the organization in May and encouraged people to get vaccinated. Markle and Harry will be appearing together to give a similar speech on September 25,

Although Harry and Markle appear in tabloids and newspapers all the time, they rarely make public appearances. Two very young children, and a vicious media will make that happen. They will be urging everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19, not only Americans but also around the globe.

A Full Itinerary

The two of them are busy in New York ahead of their speech. They are staying in one of Princess Diana’s favourite hotels. The trip began with a visit at the 9/11 memorial. They met Mayor Bill de Blasio and spoke briefly to a crowd. Markle stated, "it's wonderful that we are back."

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Linda Thomas-Greenfield, UN Ambassador, met Markle and Harry. They also arranged a visit to Harlem's PS 123. Markle read The Bench from her children to the students. Some students wept.

Are Her Children There?

Lilibet Diana and Archie did not travel with their parents, so they are being cared for in Los Angeles. This is the longest time the family has been apart from their children for three days. It's easy to imagine that they are checking in as their parents would. Rumours circulate that they could be traveling to the UK for Christmas. However, only time will reveal. It is not easy to fly from California to England in a family with a toddler and a baby.

Harry and Markle are both influential, regardless of what Harry's father might think. They are highly sought-after public speakers. Their speech should not be dramatic, but they are expected to make news regardless of what.


By: Matthew Radulski
Title: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Mark Rare Public Appearance To Promote COVID Vaccine
Sourced From: www.suggest.com/prince-harry-meghan-markle-rare-public-appearance-covid-vaccine/2589976/
Published Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000

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