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Rose from '90 Day Fiance Looks Very Different Today

Screenshot of Rose looking annoyed from 90 Day Fiance

90-Day Fiance has gained a lot of popularity online over the past few years. The people featured on the show have gained large internet followings. One of the most well-known couples on the show was " Big Ed" Brown, and Rose Vega.

The Couple's Relationship

The show's basic premise is simple for those who are not familiar. A couple finds love online, often in America. They travel to the country of their partner, spend time together, and then decide if they want to get engaged.

If they do, the non American partner can travel to the US on a K1 Visa. The visa requires that the couple marry within 90 days. This is why the show's title. The non-American partner can return to their country if they do not agree to the marriage.

Rose, a Filipino national, hosted Big Ed during his visit. After some outrageously poor behavior from Ed, the couple broke up. Ed was wrong in every way. He accused her of being a gold-digger (he bought her clothes and spent $20 USD), to telling her to brush their teeth because her breath was bad, which she had an ulcer. Rose encouraged him to get on the road, which was not surprising.

Rose became an internet celebrity thanks to her dismissal of Big Ed and the memorable moments in the episode with the couple. Rose refused to tolerate Big Ed's disrespect and partnered up with him. This was praised by many.

Rose's Glamorous New Life

What is Rose doing today? Rose has used her fame on reality TV as a platform to pursue other career opportunities. She models, has social media partnerships with brands and sends videos directly to her fans via Cameo. Rose also sells her own products and has a growing YouTube channel. Rose has a new glamorous look: she's got shorter hair, lighter hair, and lots of trendy outfits.

This post is on Instagram
A post shared by ROSEMARIE VEGA (@rose_vega_official)

She recently opened her first store in her hometown. "THIS IS IT!" It's a new chapter for me as I open my store in my hometown. Rose posted an Instagram post on October 1st, announcing that she would be posting her vlog. Rose announced in an Instagram post on October 1 that she was posting her vlog. Never stop dreaming! !"

This post is on Instagram
A post shared by ROSEMARIE VEGA (@rose_vega_official)

Her New Mystery Man

Rose is content with her life in the Philippines and has no plans to leave. Rose answered a fan's question about whether she would ever visit the States. Rose replied, "But my life here in the Philippines is good and I'm content."

You can see how true this statement is by looking at Rose's Instagram account. Rose posts photos of herself at gala events, traveling with Prince and modeling beautiful shots.

This post is on Instagram
A post shared by ROSEMARIE VEGA (@rose_vega_official)

She even posted a video in which she was holding a man's hand while they walk along the beach. "I have found my one. I am grateful for your support for Prince and me. She captioned her post, "We'll always have each others through our ups & downs."

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By: India McCarty
Title: Rose From ’90 Day Fiance’ Looks Much Different Today
Sourced From: www.suggest.com/rose-big-ed-90-day-fiance-looks-different-today/2615735/
Published Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 19:00:00 +0000

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