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Celebrities who refuse to work with Adam Levine: Top Ten

Top 10 Celebrities Who REFUSE To Work With Adam Levine
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The whole world has turned on him not that it's been revealed that Adam Levine has been cheating on his wife of 8 years. And now it's come forward that he might have been cheating with multiple women. This definitely hasn't made him any more popular, so here are the Top 10 Celebrities Who REFUSE To Work With Adam Levine.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:43- Lady Gaga
1:47- Emily Ratajkowski
2:48- Lindsay Lohan
3:45- Christina Aguilera
4:40- David Draiman
5:33- Sara Foster
6:25- Corey Taylor
7:15- Sebastian Bach
8:07- Chrishell Stause
9:00- Blake Shelton

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