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There are no musicians like the ones they see


When it comes to over-the-top musicians, where does the character end and the real person begin? Some may be just as authentic as they claim to be, but others have worked up a very careful narrative about the person they wish to portray, either because it enhances their mystique, or to create a solid division between their professional and personal lives.

Whatever the case may be, when the truth about some artists comes out, everything can change. Here are a few musicians that are nothing like they seem.

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Lady Gaga | 0:00
Lana Del Rey | 1:42
Machine Gun Kelly | 2:57
Dolly Parton | 3:59
Ed Sheeran | 5:01
Drake | 6:11
Seasick Steve | 7:32
Lewis Capaldi | 9:00
Yungblud | 10:14
Olivia Rodrigo | 11:30
Billie Eilish | 12:51
Hanson | 14:14
Adele | 15:45
Alice Cooper | 17:08

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