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Top 10 Celebrities banned from performing at the VMAs

kanye west taylor swift

Top 10 Celebrities BANNED From Performing At The VMAs
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Over the years, the MTV VMA's have brought about some truly unforgettable and controversial moments. From jaw-dropping performances to shocking scandals, some celebrities have managed to get themselves banned from the stage. Unfortunately, many of the names on this list won't be welcomed back with open arms, either because they upset the fans or other celebrities. So, let's jump right into Top 10 Celebrities BANNED From Performing At The VMAs, here at Beyond The Screen­čŹ┐

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:11- Kanye West
1:19- Da Baby
2:38- NSYNC
4:00- Miley Cyrus
5:00- Russel Brand
6:00- Janet Jackson
7:01- Will Smith
8:09- Andrew Dice Clay
9:20- Morgan Wallen
10:33- Fartman

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