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Man Accused of Raping, Waterboarding and Holding Girlfriend Captive for Days in Dorm Room

Man Accused of Raping, Waterboarding and Holding Girlfriend Captive for Days in Dorm Room

The victim was able to escape after convincing her alleged abuser Keanu Labatte to let her get some food in the cafeteria. He is accused of holding the victim at knifepoint, and saying he "was looking for the right vein" to cut deeply enough to prevent anyone from saving her.

A 19-year old man was arrested after he allegedly held a girlfriend captive for days in her Minnesota college dorm, sexually abusing and waterboarding before she managed to escape.

KSTP reports that Keanu Labatte, a former teen model and actor, was arrested and charged on Sunday with three counts first-degree criminal conduct and two counts each of domestic violence by strangulation or threats of violence.

According a criminal complaint Labatte met his girlfriend, who he had only known for two months, at her St. Catherine University dorm last Thursday. He is accused of "forcefully penetrating" her after she refused to have sexual relations with him. Then he threatened to kill her, and held her at knifepoint. This was something he had reportedly done to an old girlfriend. He told her that he "wanted to find the right vein so that no one would be able to save her."

He is also accused of strangling her and taking away the victim's phone during the incident that lasted for days. The incident allegedly started after he read social media posts and text messages which "infuriated" him.

Labatte is accused of waterboarding the victim, who was in a bathtub when Labatte poured water over her. She only managed to escape Sunday morning after convincing Labatte to let her go to the cafeteria. He gave her her phone back, telling her to Snapchat him after she left the room. She went to the security office of the college and reported the alleged abuse.

Investigators cite her as saying she was "terrified" to the point where she wouldn't move from Labatte, for fear of his actions. KSTP reports that the victim underwent a sexual assault exam, and bruises were found on her neck and face.

Labatte was in his dorm when police arrested him. They found a washcloth and a knife under the sink in the bathroom. He is said to have told the authorities "I plead fifth."

His bail was set to $80,000 at a hearing held on Tuesday. He will appear next in court on Monday, October 9.


Title: Man Accused of Raping, Waterboarding and Holding Girlfriend Captive for Days in Dorm Room
Sourced From: www.toofab.com/2023/09/14/keanu-labatte-college-dorm-assault/
Published Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 17:59:41 +0000

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